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AooSekho Skills


Ahtisham Nadeem


Website Design


Development, UX, UI


AooSekho Skills Professional Training Institute is one of the best IT Training Institutes in Pakistan. It has been providing quality IT education since 2020. 50+ batches of professional IT courses have been completed at Online. 1,000+ students have taken professional IT courses from AooSekho Skills. Most of these students are working in leading public & private sector organizations of Pakistan. AooSekho Skills also won Brand of Year Award in IT Training Category by Brands Foundation of Pakistan.


How We Solve This Project

To solve this website project using WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a WordPress hosting provider and set up a WordPress account.

  2. Choose a WordPress theme that fits the needs and style of the website.

  3. Install and activate necessary plugins that will help to enhance the functionality of the website.

  4. Create necessary pages such as home page, about page, contact page, and blog page.

  5. Customize the website design by adding images, videos, and changing the color scheme to fit the brand.

  6. Set up navigation menus and footer links to help visitors easily navigate the website.

  7. Add content to the website pages and blog.

  8. Optimize the website for search engines by installing an SEO plugin and following best practices.

  9. Add social media buttons to the website to help visitors connect with the business on social media platforms.

  10. Test the website’s functionality, usability, and speed, and make any necessary changes to improve performance.

By following these steps, you can successfully solve a website project in WordPress.


Make Discuss

We Discuss Our Team about this project and make plan.


We Sketch the idea of this website in Paper work.

Design Making

We create design and convert in development process.

Product Deliver

After testing and satisfaction we deliver the website.